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Welcome to Intelligent Farming

Welcome to Intelligent Farming. I'm Tim Parton, Farm Manager at Brewood Park Farm, where I have passionately championed regenerative agriculture for 15 years, nurturing the 300-hectare estate in Staffordshire with a vision to enhance the soil for generations to come.

My approach to farming is rooted in my passion for sustainable agriculture. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, I have developed a deep understanding of the relationship between soil health and crop productivity. I believe that by nurturing functioning soil, we as farmers can not only achieve better yields but also contribute to a healthier planet.

Intelligent Farming

Green Farm


UK Farming: Battling the Elements and Embracing AdaptationIntelligent Farming
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Discussing Soil Health, Nutrient Management, and Sustainable Farming PracticesIntelligent Farming
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Regenerative Insights: Calcium, Soil Health, and Sustainable Farming PracticesIntelligent Farming
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From Brewood Park Farm in January 2024Intelligent Farming
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2023 Farming Year in Review: Discussing the Challenges of the Season and Hopes for the Year AheadIntelligent Farming
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From Brewood Park Farm in November 2023Intelligent Farming
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All about food, foraging, people and the planetThe Maddams Cast
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Tim Parton on nitrogen-fixing bacteria and nutrient-dense foodFuture Farming Podcast
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"Tim has the power of observation on his own farm. He's very passionate about fixing the soils on his own farm and he's passionate about helping other people do the same thing."

Dan Fox


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