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Adapting to Adversity: Navigating Unpredictable Weather and Intelligent Farming Strategies in March 2024

March 1st 2024

I keep hoping that each diary entry allows me to say how much the weather has improved and how farming has started in earnest but, of course rain still dominates, and plans are changing. Plans changing is of course a major part of Intelligent farming as we move to take all aspects of the crop and soil into account but on this occasion, I am willing to say that this is the worst that I have known it which isn’t what we need. I understand that the NFU have already downgraded the likely yields for this year which I think shows the unrest that is around. One point that is worth mentioning is that some more conventional farmers are lamenting the loss of fertilisers due to rain whereas I have yet to apply any so financially I am already ahead of the game.

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